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So we have our full roster of characters for both the Wii U and 3DS versions of Smash Bros. 4. Since we have everyone out, I thought I'd give my very late thoughts.
  • Rosalina is a very welcomed addition for me. I just wish Nintendo would stop shoving her in my face. Seriously, guys. She was just in Mario Kart 7 and 8 plus Super Mario 3D World, so you think maybe after Smash Bros. you could give her a break? I'm excited to play as her, but for real.
  • In the case of Bowser Jr., I'm honestly blown away at how much fun he looks to be. I love how Shadow Mario is his Final Smash, and how you can change his skin to make him look like one of the seven Koopalings. My guess is that was only added to emphasize the eight-player Smash in the Wii U version, but I'm still very happy with this choice.
  • Greninja...okay.
  • I don't know much about Robin or Lucina to give honest opinions on them. Also I'm not particularly that interested. Robin's magic looks okay, but Lucina just seems like another swordfighter.
  • Palutena, if you ask me, looks WAY too powerful. I have yet to see any weaknesses in her character, and if there are none then I'm not even bothering, because I will have already beaten the entire game. Though I will say I'm glad we're getting more female fighters.
  • Dark Pit, screw him. Should've just been a skin swap for the real Pit.
  • I'm so happy to see Little Mac added to the roster. When I'm in control of Mac, it's gonna be so satisfying to give opponents the old Coach Z-one-two-one-two. And that wireframe Little Mac? ABSOLUTE. NOSTALGIA. OVERLOAD.
  • It's so hilarious to see the Duck Hunt Dog as a playable character, I can't even begin! I'm just a bit disappointed that one of his taunts isn't laughing behind a bush like the original Duck Hunt, but at least now I can finally let out all the anger and stress he caused me. Thank you, Sakurai.
  • I've played with the Villager in the demo for 3DS, and his moveset feels really random. There are things I want to do with him, but I end up doing others. When I get the full game, I probably won't play as him that often. But it's nice to see the Animal Crossing series get some more recognition in the Smash Bros. series.
  • Wii Fit Trainer...oh boy. Well I'm at least glad to see the Smash Bros. series keeping up with the tradition of including gag characters.
  • Shulk? I really don't care about.
  • Mega Man. SO. MUCH. YES. I have been waiting for Mega Man to join the battle ever since I first heard about Mega Man, and it seems my wish has finally come true. I love his play style as well. He has a lot of great Robot Master weapons at his disposal (and I gotta give props to Sakurai for somehow making the Top Spin somewhat useful). His Final Smash is also the most epic in Smash history. So excited to play as him in the Wii U version. I just wish Mega Man 2 didn't get so much focus.
  • Pac-Man. SO. MUCH. MORE. YES. Much like Mega Man, I have been dying to see Pac-Man join the Smash Bros. series. And seeing as how Namco is helping co-develop the game, it made sense for Pac-Man to show up. So here he is, and what they did with him was brilliant. His classic design, his moveset (using other Namco characters as weapons), his Final Smash, and even getting a Pac-Land stage. This is just fantastic. I just wish he had a skin-swap to make him Ms. Pac-Man.
So there you have it. My thoughts on every single newcomer in Smash Bros. 4 (minus the Miis, but I guess they go without saying). Which newcomers were YOU the most excited for? Let me know in the comments.

Also, here's a short list of characters that I'm glad ended up NOT becoming playable:
  • King K. Rool
  • Ridley
  • Master/Crazy Hand
  • Chorus Man (Rhythm Heaven)
Alright, I think I've gone on long enough. See ya later! :)


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